Visionaries "Galleries" • Album (CD)

Visionaries "Galleries" • Album (CD)

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The 1997 debut album by the Visionaries "Galleries" is regarded a classic by music connoisseurs worldwide.

Lyrics written by 2Mex, Dannu, Key-Kool, LMNO, Lord Zen

Produced by: DJ Rhettmatic, Key-Kool, J-Rocc, Evidence


  1. Highsmen 
  2. The Gallery (Duction) 
  3. Audible Angels 
  4. Time Is Running Out 
  5. Rejoice And Praise 
  6. Love (Hip-Hop) 
  7. Humantree 
  8. Pope Mobile 
  9. Here To Stay 
  10. Say Where 
  11. Rob No One 
  12. Rockin' The Sure Shot (Rhettmatic Meets Nutty McGillicutty) 
  13. Couch Potato 
  14. Bottom of the Barrel / Live Life (1 Or The Other) 
  15. Persistence 
  16. Stargazer 
  17. Come On 
  18. Lair of the Live Ones 
  19. Hands In The Sky 
  20. Blessings (Bonus Track)